About Our Association

The Independent Landman Association exists to provide a range of support to independent contractors through education, certification, financial guidance and legal resources, building a community of like-minded landmen who desire to grow personally and professionally and dedicate themselves to the oil and gas industry allowing them to accomplish their career and family goals.

We would like your help by joining our mission and sharing your ideas to shape our association. Over the next few months, we will begin the development of a certification program, an annual meeting, legal resources and other support that you, our membership, tell us you need as independent landmen.

What We Believe

We believe that through CERTIFICATION there must be some measurable standard to identify those who have attained a high degree of working knowledge of the various element covering the many aspect of the field landman’s work. The expense of the traditional annual meeting has made it almost impossible for the Independent Landman to attend.

Our vision is of an annual meeting that is convenient, affordable, purposeful and fun. COMMUNITY is defined as a body of persons of common and especially professional interests scattered through a larger society. By coming together in community we hope to leverage the strength of our numbers to improve the reputation, effectiveness and financial rewards of our industry.

We hope to leverage our numbers to provide quality and affordable HEALTHCARE for our members and their families.

We believe having FUN doing what we do will make us better landmen and make life much better. We need a good laugh everyday and we plan to do our part in making that happen.

CONTINUING EDUCATION should be just that. A daily, relevant and purposeful building of knowledge that will make the individual landman and our community of landmen more valuable to the industry.

We plan to create a resource of LEGAL information, legal documents, decisions and FAQ’s to be available at any time from anywhere. It is also our plan to develop an Oil and Gas Lease form that is fair and equitable to all parties, free to use and editable.

We believe that true ETHICS requires dealing fairly with all involved in the negotiation of contracts. One of our goals is to develop an Oil and Gas Lease form that is fair to all and allows the landman to be completely transparent and offer the highest level of integrity. Ethics are not learned in a seminar but must be exercised daily to allow us to become the people we are expected to be.


Eric Swanson, Grand Poobah

I began my career as a field landman in Nacogdoches County, Texas in 1985 and then very quickly found myself in the middle of my first oil bust. After a couple of years in the financing industry I returned to the field and to what I enjoyed. In 2006, I took my first in-house landman job and worked for several small independents. In 2018, I returned once again to the field as an independent.

Having the perspective of both a field and in-house landman it’s clear to me that the field landman has been terribly underrepresented by our current association. With the help and encouragement of friends and other landmen, we have established an association that we hope will focus on and meet the needs of the field landman.

Although I am able to devote only some of my time to the ILA, it is my hope that in one or two years I will be able to commit to it on a full-time basis. For more information about me, please visit my LinkedIn and Facebook pages and feel free to email me with your questions or suggestions at erics@independentlandman.org